Byrum & Fisk team celebrates dads

Posted on: June 21, 2020 | By: Sydney Smith | Blog

Byrum & Fisk team celebrates dads 

Happy Father’s Day to every dad and father figure! As we celebrate the dads in our lives, the team at Byrum & Fisk took some time to reflect the wisdom learned and memories we’ve shared with them.


Rachel Esterline Perkins
My dad shaped me into the relentless PR professional I am today. He taught me about the value of hard work, grit, perseverance and honesty and always encouraged me to be curious and face every challenge with fearlessness.”  


Steve Faber
“My dad had a servant’s heart. He owned an auto parts store and would always find 

ways to help his customers if they were struggling to make ends meetMany of my memories as a kid were driving around the county with him to deliver some part to get someone back on the road, often taking a trade instead of cash.”


Ryan Bridges 
“My dad and I have shared countless memories over the yearsfrom road trips to visit family to family game nights to watching and attending sporting events togetherWe’ve always had a great time together and enjoyed each other’s company. When I think about a favorite memory, my mind instantly goes back to my childhood and the bets we would make on the Superbowl and NBA Finals. The loser would have to buy the winner a 2-liter of their favorite Faygo. I still haven’t gotten over having to buy that 2liter of Rock-n-Rye when the Dirty Birds (Atlanta Falcons) lost to John Elway, Terrell Davis and the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XXXIII in 1999.


Christopher Behnan
“My dad exemplifies altruism for his family and friends and is loyal to a fault to everyone who has the opportunity to meet him. I learned this key attribute, along with hard work and perseverance, pays off in achieving love and happiness.”


Sydney Smith
My dad was such a goof. He was always making a funny comment, doing a weird dance or making up a song. There’s a video of us cracking up because we had been talking in British accents for hours that makes me so happy to watch. Even though he was often silly, he was also very sensitive and kind, and gave the best pep talks. He passed away last year, so Father’s Day is a little rough for me, but I have so many good memories to reflect on – from going fishing in the pond by our house, listening to fantastic music (he had the best music taste) or him begrudgingly sitting through yet another one of my dance recitals. He was a great dad.


Gabby Abel
My dad is the epitome of a #GirlDad. He attended every dance recital my sister and I were in growing up and was always game for a tailgate hosted by my sorority for WMU Homecoming. I’m incredibly grateful for his support throughout my career – he’s always been my #1 cheerleader. My dad isn’t a fan of talking on the phone for long periods of time like I am, but during quarantine he has tolerated my ramblings and the many phone calls and Facetimes I’ve subjected him to during the past three months. He’s the best!


Ryan Hermes
My dad was like long before the website existed. He was always happy to collaborate on a recipe, pass down some family secrets or help me pick the right cut of meat. He passed away in 2014, and I still think of him every time I fire up the grill or make the family’s chicken gumbo — complete with a spice blend he developed and eventually sold (Roger’s Gumbo Seasoning) to a spice company in Decatur, IL. We weren’t always the closest, but I knew he was just a phone call away. 


Dianne Byrum 
“I wish everyone celebrating Father’s Day would reflect upon and cherish every minute you have with your father. I lost my dad when I was 17, which has now been several decades ago. I try to live my life in a way that would make him proud of the person I have become. Love, family and giving back to the community through service.”


Mark Fisk
“When I think of my dad I think of scuba diving, chess, judo and knuckle push ups. Dad grew up poor in Detroit and was the first in the Fisk family to attend college. He taught us the values of hard work, saving money, hustling and loyalty, especially to family. Never quitting and standing up for yourself was a key part of my dad’s value system. He also had a sense of adventure and loved new challenges, travel and new skills. ‘Here’s a little trick I learned in the Navy,’ he’d often say. A lightning-fast De Ashi Harai was a gentle way of reminding us who was boss. In my family, thanks to dad, we learned how to fall … safely. And get back up.”