We believe a winning communications strategy needs a winning message. At Byrum & Fisk, we don’t rest until you have one.

Got issues? We’ll help you take control of them before Day One so you can talk about them in the most compelling way, using the most effective methods.

Our team has deep roots in the media industry and strong relationships with experts, from TV and radio to investigative reporters and bloggers. We know who to call and when to call. We know news and how it works. Read our Agricultural Leaders of Michigan case study for a sample of our media relations work.

A crisis can hit anyone, at any time. And in many cases, you have less than an hour to respond. With us on your side, we’ll help you weather any challenge, with your reputation and good name intact.

Our team has extensive experience in federal, statewide, regional and local campaigns. We’ve played key roles in successful races for candidates and ballot issues. We know what it takes to win elections. Read our case study about the winning Yes! Zoo and Museum campaign.

A winning communications effort begins with a plan. We’ll help you write a strategic plan, with quantifiable goals and timelines, that’s right for you. We can help you shape your image and your brand to create a winning identity – now and for the future. Read what our clients say about our strategic communications consulting services.

We know how to mobilize opinion leaders and heads of industries, and recruit them to your side. We also build and deploy bottom-up, grassroots coalitions better than anyone else. From the top or from the bottom, we can help you deliver your message, validate your issues with credible voices, and shape the debate.

If you have a story, we’ll help you share it beyond the press release. We’re equipped with the digital tools and strategies to help you reach your audience online, including social media, digital advertising, content marketing, blog management, guest blogging and blogger outreach, website development, video, SEO, analytics and more.

News conferences. Interviews. Televised forums. Product launches. Grand openings. Rapid response. Street theater. We specialize in activities designed for today’s hyperactive media. And before we send you out, we’ll prepare you better than anyone else can, using easy-to-understand, effective trainings on any media and communications topic.

Byrum & Fisk excels at written and visual media. Our award-winning TV work starts with good scripts, the right images, words and concepts – and a lot of creativity. We also produce printed items, from event invitations to campaign literature, and hard-hitting direct mail that get your point across. Read how we helped Fitzgerald Public Schools increase enrollment through marketing and communications.

Video will account for 80 percent of all consumer internet traffic by 2020. We know that video is one of the best ways to reach people and tell a story. Watch our video work.