The Challenge:

Secure a dedicated source of funding for the John Ball Zoo and Grand Rapids Public Museum.

The Strategy:

Byrum & Fisk led the creation and execution of a winning strategic communications and millage campaign for the Yes! Zoo and Museum Proposal, a 10-year, .44 millage that now provides a stable source of funding for the John Ball Zoo and Grand Rapids Public Museum.

Byrum & Fisk created branding for the Grand Rapids Zoo and Public Museum campaign, built on the theme “You’re Not Through ‘Till You Vote for the Zoo (and Museum)”– a consistent, clear reminder to voters to support the zoo and museum at the bottom of the ballot.

Working together with Zoo and Museum stakeholders, we created a brand guide and logo, website and social media assets, brochures and postcards, election mailings, yard signs, a jingle and music video, TV, radio and digital ads, and internal and external communications materials. We leveraged these materials to reach and educate key stakeholders, local decision makers, Zoo and Museum employees, volunteers, board members and ultimately Kent County voters. Key assets were also translated into Spanish. We also worked alongside Zoo and Museum leadership to create a speakers bureau with talking points and organized community presentations across Kent County, engaging grass-tops and grass-roots organizations and associations.


The communications campaign successfully built top-of-mind awareness amongst community members, leaders and voters, and cut through the clutter of a busy general election season, resulting in an unprecedented 62 percent voter approval on Tuesday, Nov. 8.

The day after the election, Byrum & Fisk was featured on WZZM13 for “You’re Not Through ‘Till You Vote for the Zoo (and Museum).”

“This was truly a special campaign and it brought our entire community together to save these two treasured cultural institutions. Between the jingle, creativity and relentless approach of Byrum & Fisk, we couldn’t have done it without them.” – Peter D’Arienzo, CEO of the John Ball Zoo



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